Safety Signs and Labels

Industrial safety signage is essential to alert employees to potential hazards, the appropriate actions to take, and to help maintain a safe workplace. Brady is a global leader in safety signage. There's no other company that can help you communicate critical workplace safety and warning information better than Brady, with its extensive range of safety signs, posters, and labels.   Australian safety signs have 6 main categories to provide a consistent and clear message. By understanding the types of signs and their purpose, you can determine what you need in your workplace and where you should display these signs. These 6 categories are outlined below, but more information about safety sign standards in Australia can be found at Standards Australia, under the Australian Standard AS1319-1994, Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment.  
  • Prohibition Signs - something you CAN’T DO – an example is a No Entry Authorised Persons Only sign
  • Mandatory Signs - something you MUST DO – an example is a Hearing and Eye Protection Must Be Worn In This Area sign
  • Danger Signs – something that can KILL YOU – an example is a Danger Do Not Enter sign
  • Warning Signs – something that can HURT YOU – an example is a Slippery When Wet sign
  • Emergency Information Signs – something that promotes SAFETY FIRST – an example is an AED Automated External Defibrillator sign
  • Fire Signs – something that informs the location of FIRE EQUIPMENT
  Fortunately, Brady can supply all your mandatory and other key workplace signage, such as danger signs, warning signs, fire equipment & extinguisher signs, first aid location signs, covid-19 safety measure signs, spill control signs, barricade tape, machinery safety signs, emergency signs, high voltage signs, and more.   Brady signs feature bright colours, bold text, and intuitive pictograms to ensure the communication is highly visible and easily understood. Most signs are available in polypropylene, metal, and vinyl wrap. The signs are compliant with the latest Australian standards and regulations, and are designed to withstand the harshest environments.   Best sellers include Danger High Voltage signs, Danger 415 Volts signs, Eye Protection Required Beyond This Point signs, Hearing And Eye Protection Must Be Worn In This Area signs, and No Smoking In This Area signs.

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