Self-Laminating Wire Labels

Self-laminating wire labels are ideal for labelling data cables and wires that are frequently handled and moved. They can be applied pre-termination or post-termination. Their clear, wrap-around tail is designed to laminate the printed portion of the label and provide extra protection for the label text.

Brady's self-laminating wire labels protect your label's printing area from abrasion, extreme temperature, chemicals, dirt, oil, water and solvents.

For use with BMP61 and BMP71 printers (provided the M71-ADAPT roll adapter is used), they are available in various colours and can be customised.

Key features

  • Brady's B 427 self-laminating vinyl material provides a protective layer over text for excellent resistance to abrasion, dirt, oils, solvents, water and excess handling
  • Diverse uses, including cable and wire labelling, voice data identification, and panel marking
  • Permanent acrylic tape adheres to a range of surfaces: smooth, rough, highly textured, powder-coated, irregular or with low surface energy
  • Labelling tape with a self-laminated format with a white printable zone, prints in black text on a white background with translucent overlaminating area
Teksal Safety is the Australian distributor for Brady control panel labelling and cable and wire marking products, including self-laminating labels.

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