Teksal Safety is a distributor for Crowcon fixed and portable gas detection products in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland.

 For more than 40 years Crowcon has been developing and manufacturing high quality gas detection products with a reputation for quality and reliability.

Our gas detection products and services include:

  • Portable gas detection equipment and area monitors
  • Portable methane detectors
  • Personal monitors
  • Fixed gas detection systems
  • Single- and multi-channel controllers

For more information about any of these products, email sales@teksal.com.au or call 1300 TEKSAL.

Portable Gas Detection and Area Monitoring

  • Compact, lightweight yet robust
  • Reliable temporary area protection
  • Water & dust resistance to IP65 & IP67
  • Multi-gas confined space monitoring
  • Multi-gas and purge monitoring
  • Transportable area gas monitoring

Personal Monitor

  • Loud, audible & bright visible alarms
  • Easy one-button operation
  • Data logging as standard
  • Single gas personal monitor
  • Disposable single gas personal monitor
  • Compact multi-gas personal monitor