BMP®71 Label Printer

Thousands of applications. Hundreds of labels. One label printer.

The BMP®71 Label Printer is a portable printer with an impressive variety of features, label materials and design options. Whether you need 1/102mm self-laminating wire marker labels or 51mm wide vinyl pipe marker labels, this labeller can do it all! With a print speed of 38mm per second, the BMP®71 Label Printer can help you make labels faster and more efficiently than before. Its top features include built-in label design wizards, storage space for over 100,000 label files, and a large, full colour graphical screen that shows you exactly what your label will look like.

The BMP®71 Label Printer had more than 400 different labels options for a variety of applications, including workplace safety labels, wire and cable markers, patch panel labels, die cut labels, flags, tags, arc flash labels, visual workplace labels, barcode labels, equipment ID, labels for bins, racks and shelves, 5S labels, facility identification and more.

BBP31 Kanban Lean Label

BBP®31 Sign and Label Printer

Fast, simple and powerfully versatile.

The BBP®31 Sign and Label Printer is an easy-to-use, versatile printer that can print signs and labels up to 4″ wide. It features a large touch screen display with drag and drop label design and an intuitive home screen that allows you create labels quickly and easily – in as little as 2 steps. The BBP31 Sign and Label Printer can print on hundreds of different labels, tapes, tags and materials. It can operate as a stand-alone printer or connect to a PC.

Brady 1

GlobalMark®2 Industrial Label Maker

The ultimate visual workplace tool

Brady’s GlobalMark®2 Industrial Label Maker lets you create custom signs, labels, pipe markers, tags and more. Never before has an industrial label printer provided such a range of capabilities right at your fingertips. The GlobalMark make-it-yourself printer features Brady’s advanced colour touch-screen technology, powered by a Microsoft Windows® CE operating system. It can print on all standard sign and label materials, including Glow-in-the-Dark, static cling, magnetic and tag stock.