Teksal Safety is the Australian distributor for Fortress, Castell and Ronis trapped key interlocking products, including keys, key operation and switch solutions.

Our high voltage and distribution safety products and services include:

  • Trapped key interlocking systems – Fortress, Castell, Ronis, Kirk
  • Integration of multiple brands
  • Project management – globally coordinated solutions

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Trapped Key Interlocking Systems for Electrical Distribution 

Trapped key interlocks are mechanical or electro-mechanical devices used to ensure the safe operation of plant and equipment.

Teksal Safety is a long-time distributor of Fortress Interlocks, offering years of experience with trapped key interlock applications and distribution interlocking project management. Typical applications of trapped key interlocks include:

  • Safe Isolation & Access Control – ensures isolations are complete before  personnel can access machinery or equipment.

  • Switchgear interlocking and HV switching – helps minimise switching and isolation risks in complicated distribution systems.
Trapped Keyed Interlocking

Project Management / Globally Coordinated Solutions 

Teksal Safety offers a cost-effective solution for managing a project’s interlocking scope. This involves liaising with all relevant project stakeholders to ensure the interlocking sequence works the first time, regardless of where the project is designed and constructed.


Integration of Multiple Brands

Where possible, Teksal Safety coordinates and integrates solutions using multiple brands of interlocks on switch gear projects / large distribution systems, including Fortress, Castell, Ronis and Kirk.

For more information about any of these products, email sales@teksal.com.au or call 1300 TEKSAL.