Teksal Safety’s valve interlocking services include valve survey, interlock supply, installation, commissioning and training.

Our technicians are HUET/TBOSIET- and MSIC-certified and are available for services both on and offshore.

As well as undertaking site work as needed, Teksal Safety technicians offer a program of site visits to:

  • Assess survey valve interlocking systems to confirm material condition and functionality of locks
  • Perform preventative maintenance and repair activities where possible
  • Document corrective actions where needed
  • Establish a planned maintenance and inspection program for the interlocks on your facility
  • Establish / maintain colour-coded key management for visual indication of valve and system status, consistent with original interlock specifications
  • Ensure key management systems are functional and adequate for current interlocks on site
  • Create an interlock register of all valve interlocks and codes on site
  • Conduct operator and maintenance training as required

For more information about any of these services, email sales@teksal.com.au.