4WD Adventurer First Aid Kit

$188.85 Excl. of GST

Size:H350mm x W400mm x 200mm Diameter


Brady Material:PVC Case

UOM Sell:Each


Be prepared in an emergency with the 4WD Adventurer First Aid Kit. A great soft case constructed of tough 600D/PVC and designed to stow easily in your 4WD. This kit has extra room with a large zippered front pocket to include additional emergency items and comes with a convenient shoulder strap and high visibility reflective markings.

Kit Contents:
1xAdhesive Tape Paper
2.5cm x 5m
1xAntiseptic Healaid Cream 25g
1xAntiseptic Spray 50ml
1xBasic Dressing Pack -single use
1xCombine Dressing 10x 10cm
1xCombine Dressing 10x 20cm
1xCombine Dressing 20x 20cm
2xConforming Bandage 5cm(W)
1xConforming Bandage 7.5cm (W)
1xCotton Buds – Pk 100
5xDisposable Plastic Cup
1xDisposable Resusi-Safe
Face Shield
1xDisposable Splinter
Probe – Pk10
1xEmergency Thermal Blanket
1xEye Bath
2xEye Pad Single
1xFine Forceps 12.5cm
1xFirst Aid Booklet
4xGauze Sterile Pieces7.5cm – Pk5
1xInstant Cold Pack – Small
1xKidney Dish
2xMedium Support Crepe
Bandage 7.5cm (W)
1xNitrile Gloves (Pair)
2xNon-Adherent Dressing 5 x 7.5cm
2xNon-Adherent Dressing7.5 x 10cm
1xNotebook – Small
3xPlastic Bag Clip Seal
1xPlastic Magnifier
1xPlastic Strips – Box 50
1xResuscitation Pocket Card
1xReusable Deluxe Hot/Cold
Pack – Large
1xSafety Pins Assorted – Pk12
1xSharp/Blunt Scissors
1xSodium Chloride 0.9% 500ml
1xSunscreen 125ml
2xTriangular Bandage Disp 110 x155cm
1xUniversal Sterile Dressing 43 x 20cm
1xUniversal Trauma Scissors
10xWound Cleansing Wipe
1xWound Dressing No.14
1xWound Dressing No.15