Brady Keyed Alike Padlocks Blue (3 Pack) H44mm x W37mm x 18mm Diameter

$86.63 Excl. of GST

Size:H44mm x W37mm x 18mm Diameter


Brady Material:Reinforced Nylon

UOM Sell:Pack / 3

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Brady keyed alike Lockout tagout (LOTO) padlocks and labels allow you to quickly identify equipment, areas and padlocks with important lockout-tagout information. These self-adhering high-performance labels can withstand harsh environments.

This three-pack of Brady Keyed Alike Padlocks come with unique keying numbers and the option to add additional padlocks with the same keying system.

These are ideal for tradespeople and maintenance workers who need to lockout multiple areas. Packs come with “Danger Locked Out” labels and one key per padlock.

Both the padlocks and keys can also be customised and engraved.