Combination Lockout Kit with Safety Locks & Tags

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Brady Material:Fabric Case

UOM Sell:Kit

SKU: BR99687 Category: Brand: Brady


When attending to maintenance and repair work, ensure you have the right device available to lockout energy control points by carrying this convenient satchel. This satchel contains quality Brady lockout devices to suit the most common mechanical, valve and electrical control points found in manufacturing plants and worksites everywhere. Bright red satchel that reads “Lockout/Tagout” is easily identified and is available with or without lockout padlocks and tags.


Kit Contents:
1 x  Large Universal Lockout with blocking
arm (50899 & 65403)
1 x All Purpose Cable Lockout (50943)
1 x  6mm-25mm Ball Valve Lockout (65666)
1 x  25mm-64mm Gate Valve Lockout (65560)
1 x  64mm-127mm Gate Valve Lockout (65561)
1 x  127mm-165mm Gate Valve Lockout (65562)
1 x  240 Volt Snap-On Breaker Lockout (65387)
1 x  240 Volt Clamp-on Breaker Lockout (65396)
1 x  480/600 Volt Clamp On Breaker Lockout
1 x  Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout (66321)
1 x 240 Volt Plug Lockout (65674)
1 x Wall Switch Lockout (65392)
1 x Lockout Satchel (51173)