Small – 3 Pin Standard Plugs

$44.28 Excl. of GST

Size:H50mm x L89mm x 50mm Diameter


Brady Material:Polypropylene

UOM Sell:Each

SKU: BR65674 Category: Brand: Brady


Designed for heavy duty applications, Brady’s Plug Lockout is an inexpensive way to safely lock out electrical plugs. Made of rugged polypropylene, the lockouts are available in two sizes. The Plug Lockout is ideal for those situations where the plug is not under the exclusive control of the person doing the service or performing the maintenance. If the maintenance employee temporarily leaves the area, it prevents anyone else from putting the plug back into its outlet. It’s a simple, cost effective safety measure. Small Plug Lockout accepts up to a 12.7mm cord. Large Plug Lockout accepts up to a 25.4mm cord.