Small Universal Ball Valve Lockout

$83.90 Excl. of GST

Size:19mm Thick


Brady Material:Nylon

UOM Sell:Each

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The Universal Ball Valve Lockout device is designed to “lock out” virtually any quarter turn valve – round, square or lat; and with odd shaped handles, straight or with angles. Plus, it’s versatile enough to accommodate handles up to 31mm thick and 41mm wide in almost any length. Its unique design even allows it to work with valves on insulated pipes. For process safety control requirements (non-lockout applications) the Universal Ball Valve Lockout device can lock valves in the on and throttled positions. This device will accommodate a second lockout arm (purchased separately) to lock handles in throttled position and to lock out 3, 4 and 5 way valves. The Universal Ball Valve Lockout device is made of durable super-tough nylon and steel materials. The device is strong, lightweight and resistant to most chemicals. Patent No. 5,415,017.