Toolbox Lockout Kit

$208.95 Excl. of GST

Size:160 x 328 x 190


Brady Material:Plastic Case

UOM Sell:Each

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Lockout kit tagout solutions are vital for employee safety and workplace productivity. They are essential for protecting workers around the machinery and equipment they operate, service and maintain. They also help companies implement lockout activities that optimise safety while maximising efficiency and reducing downtime.

This durable, compact toolbox lookout kit contains all essential lockout devices for electricians. It includes padlocks, tags and a variety of circuit breaker lockouts – everything you’ll need in one portable kit.

Kit Contents:
1 x Standard Lockout Hasp (834193/1)
1 x Brady Steel Padlock Black – 47mm (850829)
1 x Brady Steel Padlock Black – 19mm (850823)
25 x Economy Lockout Tags (842372)
25 x B853 Danger Locked Out Tags (66085)
1 x No Hole Circuit Breaker Lockout – Small (65396)
1 x No Hole Circuit Breaker Lockout – Large (65397)
1 x Lockout Cleat – Small (65404)
1 x Lockout Cleat – Large (65406)
1 x Circuit Breaker Lockout (836597)
1 x Universal Multi Pole Breaker Lockout (66320)
1 x All Purpose Cable Lockout – 2.4mtr with sheathed cable (50943)
1 x Lockout Tool Box Small (870617)