Are you prepared for a safe and secure shutdown?

The increased activity of inspecting, testing and performing repairs during shutdowns often comes with increased risk.

To ensure a safe, efficient and seamless maintenance shutdown process, planning and attention to detail is vital.

For inspecting and testing large volumes of equipment across large areas, safely and efficiently during shutdowns, Teksal Safety offers a range of products and services to support a safe and secure shutdown process.

These products from our global manufacturing partners, Brady, SOFIS and Crowcon, provide a comprehensive solution to help you protect your people, your plant, and your process.

Brady’s range of safety and identification products help support your shutdown procedures, including:

  • Industrial printers – DIY for easy identification and customised labelling for hazards, equipment, process flow and isolation points
  • Lockout Tagout (LOTO) products – for safe electrical and mechanical work
  • Barriers, tapes and treads – for creating safe work zones and preventing slips, trips and falls
  • First Aid kits – for personal safety and treatment
  • Spill control – for keeping facilities clean
  • Safety signs – for visual safety and directions

Used individually or combined, these products provide safe, visible and verifiable isolation of plant and equipment to increase safety and efficiency, particularly during shutdowns.


Learn more about Brady industrial printers here.


SOFIS’ EasiDrive and Power Wrench also support a safe and efficient shutdown process.

When you have to manually operate large volumes of process valves during shutdowns, the SOFIS EasiDrive and Power Wrench offer these safety and efficiency benefits:

  • High-torque, remote operation with portable air compressor
  • No effort required by the operator – just pull the trigger
  • Reduce injuries / fatigue / strain from operating high-torque valves
  • Reduce valve operating time by up to 80%
  • Easy to install
  • Operational safety and control – the control over the applied force, as well as various safety measures to protect you during operation
  • Save time and money
  • Ex certified – ready for use in Zone 1 classified areas

Check out the EasiDrive demo here.

Check out the Power Wrench demo here.

Crowcon’s portable gas detectors and area monitors also support a safe and efficient shutdown process while protecting personnel.

The portable gas detectors are ideal for confined space entry and hot work, while the area monitors are perfect across vast areas and protect multiple personnel.

Confined space solutions

Designed with confined space workers in mind, Gas-Pro and Tetra 4 offer detection of multiple flammable and toxic gases in a compact, robust solution, ideal for harsh, industrial environments.

Area monitors

Designed for group protection and monitoring across large spaces, and to provide a virtual fence line, the Crowcon Detective+ is a transportable, interconnectable, multi-gas area monitor.

Its key safety features include:

  • Rugged and robust – ideal for hazardous areas
  • Loud alarms and multiple beacons – to ensure 360-degree visibility
  • Interconnectable – when placed across large areas, they can mimic a fixed detector
  • Easy storage – fixed or folding legs and a protective, stackable frame
  • Optional internal pump – for sampling versatility
  • Optional infra-red (IR) sensor – for either CO2 detection or allowing higher levels of flammable gas monitoring, and immunity to the poisoning effects standard flammable gas sensors can suffer from

Both the personal and area detectors have loud, bright flashing alarms.

Learn more about Detective+ here.

If you’re planning your next shutdown or need safe and efficient solutions for general operation and maintenance, email for more information about these or any of our products and services.