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Teksal Safety supplies Fortress trapped key interlocks and access control products, and fluid power safety solutions:

  • Interlocks
  • Safe machine isolation and access control
  • Safety gate switches and interlocks
  • Safe sequential operation of equipment
  • Mechanically safeguard dangerous machines and hazardous processes
  • Customised and modular solutions
  • Fluidsentry monitored pneumatic & hydraulic safety valves

Fortress Safety designs and manufactures customised safety equipment, protecting lives in hazardous workplaces. Its interlocks work in sequence to ensure employees are safeguarded from dangerous machinery by eliminating the possibility of human error.

Fortress Safety products control who can access industrial equipment safely and when they can access safely.

Data of who, when and from where access is gained is collated for efficiency analysis.

Why Interlocks?

Interlocking controls two or more interdependent operations which must take place in a predetermined sequence, if necessary remotely controlled or time delayed. The need for this sequence may be safety to personnel and equipment, or to control processes and productivity.

Trapped key interlocking is a tried and tested method of mechanically safeguarding dangerous machines and hazardous processes. Mechanical keys eliminate most of the electrical wiring associated with other types of interlocks making it cost effective to install and maintain.

Fortress Safety’s product portfolio includes:

  • mGard – the only range of mechanical interlocks independently certified to PLe
  • amGardpro – heavy-duty safety gate switches with connectivity and trapped key integration certified to PLe
  • amGardS40 – stainless steel IP69K safety gate switches independently certified to PLe
  • tGard – medium-duty interlocks with configurable built-in control functionality, independently certified to PLd
  • Atom & FRANK – compact & robust safety
  • Louis – hygienic interlocks for washdown environments
  • Osbourn – retrofittable safety keys to prevent unexpected restart
  • Alfred – interlocks for explosive atmospheres & hazardous locations
Fortress interlocks



Versatile, robust and cost-effective, trapped key interlocking can be used to solve complex safety sequences, particularly where multiple energy sources exist. Electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and kinetic energy sources can all be interlocked using mGard products.

Fortress mGard products are designed, tested and TUV-approved for use in Category 4/PLe safe control systems. A single Fortress interlock does not require additional safety components to meet PLe.

All mGard systems can be designed to incorporate safety or personnel keys – an ideal solution for whole body access requirements, and one that is recommended in multiple international machinery safety standards.

mGard is particularly effective in reducing installation cost by reducing wiring without compromising performance.

Ideal for heavy-duty applications, mGard is the only range of trapped key interlocks third-party approved as capable of meeting PLe.

Fortress’ mGard is suitable for use up to SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061), Category 4 and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1).


  • Controls operations in sequence to reduce the need for programmable logic
  • Eliminates electrical wiring to access points reducing cost of cabling & installation
  • Multiple energy sources can be controlled in sequence to remove integration requirements between different technologies
  • Robust construction to survive the most demanding environments
  • 3rd party approved to PLe for applications requiring high reliability
  • Special purpose units can be designed to provide solutions for specific needs


Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for applications up to SIL3 Cat. 4 PLe
  • Over 300,000 unique key codes possible
  •  9 Key/lock colour options
  • Non-masterable & masterable lock options
  • Non-stainless or stainless steel construction of all system components
  • Large range of switch variants for electrical isolation
  • Non-solenoid, solenoid, voltage sensing and electrical time delay options
  • Bolt modules & valve interlocks for pneumatic & hydraulic isolation
  • Panel & enclosure mount options


  • Metals production
  • Food & beverage manufacture
  • Construction materials
  • Wood, paper & pulp processing




A configurable safety interlocking solution allows functionality to be specified to your application.

Pushbutton controls, ethernet connectivity and trapped key options can all be combined together into a single unit – providing a cost efficient solution compared to separate devices.

Fortress amGardpro products are designed, tested and TUV-approved for use in Category 4/PLe safe control systems.

Due to their robust design and high-strength rating they don’t require additional safety components to be mounted to the gate to meet PLe.

The integration of trapped keys within the unit can restrict access or protect employees during whole body access.

For connectivity, all devices can be specified with a quick disconnect receptacle and ordered with the correct mating cable in a variety of lengths. Or, if ethernet architectures are preferred, safety over ethernet protocols can be integrated by using the proNet module which supports PROFINET/PROFIsafe and EtherNet/IP CIP Safety.

When mounting to machine guarding, mounting plates can be pre-fitted to the Fortress units to reduce fixings required in installation down to two 40mm wide variants are also available to fit narrow profiles.

amGardpro is the ultimate range of modular safety gate interlocks for heavy-duty applications with a retention force of 10,000N.

Its unique modular construction enables easy configuration, providing electro-mechanical solutions for practically any safeguarding application up to SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061), Category 4 and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1).

proNet adds an Ethernet-based networking capability to the product range.

Slimline pro is also an option in the amGardpro range that houses the solenoid locking functionality in a body just 40mm wide. The proFit Mounting System ensures most configured  amGardpro safety gate interlocks can be easily and simply fitted to machine guarding. The units arrive pre-fitted when you select your preferred mounting plate and/or actuator plate within your configured part number.

  • Configurable construction: functionality can be specified to your requirements
  • Robust design: only need a single device to achieve the highest safety performance levels
  • Can be pre-wired to your requirements: to make electrical installation efficient
  • Integrated safety over ethernet protocols: reduce cabling requirements
  • 3rd party approved for applications that need high reliability

Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for applications up to SIL3 Cat.4 PLe
  • Non-solenoid and solenoid interlock options
  • 24V, 100V and 230V options for different control system voltages
  • PROFINET/PROFIsafe & CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP connectivity available
  • High actuator retention forces of 10,000N
  • IP65 or IP67 depending on configuration
  • Escape release modules can be added to configurations
  • Wide range of actuators for all door types and ergonomic options
  • Metal alloy & stainless steel construction
  • Over 300,000 unique key codes possible in trapped key elements
  • Non-masterable & masterable lock options


  • Warehouse automation
  • Metals production
  • Food & beverage manufacture
  • Wood, paper & pulp processing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Construction materials




Customised safety solution

Fortress tGard can be specified from a range of catalogue elements to meet your application’s requirements. The extensive range of emergency stops, pushbuttons, lamps and selector switches can be built as a stand-alone pushbutton enclosure or a part of a guard interlock solution (with or without guard locking).


tGard is designed, tested and TUV-approved for use in Category 3/PLd applications. Ergonomic actuator and handle options can be specified alongside escape release elements and trapped keys. Keys can be used to restrict access only to key holders or to provide a personnel safety key so that the guard cannot close behind the operator in a whole body access application.

Quick and easy install is possible when directly mounting to aluminium profiles or flat surfaces via the two mounting holes at the top and bottom. Back of panel mounting is also possible to reduce the need to wire to separate control components in a larger control panel assembly.

Configurations can be specified with M12 or M23 connector options and be ordered with the correct mating cable in a variety of lengths. AS-I safe solutions are also available.

  • Compact metal-bodied system that allows various safety interlocking products to be configured to the application’s requirements
  • Operator controls can be specified upon order – delivered pre-wired and pre-tested
  • Efficient installation on aluminium profiles, flat surfaces and back of panels without mounting plates

Each order is defined by a range of tGard elements that include selector switches, safety switches (solenoid and non-solenoid), personnel keys, emergency release, pushbuttons, E-Stops, indicator lamps and a choice of operating handles for both hinged and sliding guard doors.

tGard’s metal body includes through holes for quick installation on aluminium profiles, flat surfaces, doors and even back of panels without the need for mounting plates. It is IP65 as standard and has been designed to be fully compliant with the new machinery safety standards.

  • Suitable for applications up to SIL2 Cat.3 PLd
  • Interlock with guard locking options available
  • Suitable for 24V control systems
  • Actuator retention forces of 2,500N
  • IP65
  • Escape release mechanisms can be specified
  • Range of hinging, sliding and ergonomic actuators
  • Aluminium construction
  • More than 6,000 unique key codes possible in trapped key elements
  • Non-masterable & masterable lock options



ncGard is Fortress Safety’s range of non-contact safety switches for safeguarding machinery.

Magnetic switches are available in both polymer and stainless steel housings. For severe hygiene critical areas, high temperature versions are available.

  • NCS IP69K solid state hall effect sensor
  • FM Range Magnetic Safety Switches
  • FE Range Magnetically Coded Safety Switches
  • FS Range Generic Coded RFID Safety Switches
  • FR Range Individually Coded RFID Safety Switches

Atom is a compact, ultra-robust Solenoid Interlock, High-Coded to ISO 14119 RFID in the actuator. It is suitable for use in applications up to PLe (Category 4).

Atom provides a discreet, easy-to-install solution with monitored inputs and Output Signal Switching Device (OSSD) outputs.

Daisy-chain connections enables easier wiring installation and OSSD prevents fault masking powered from the same supply.

  • Solenoid controlled interlock which only allows access when you decide
  • High-Coded RFID which prevents actuator substitution
  • Robust actuator design with high locking and retention force of 8kN
  • 140mm x 33mm ultra-compact mounting footprint, easy to mount with 4 x M5 screws
  • Safeguarding applications up to PLe and SIL3 rating
  • Provides OSSD outputs with Daisy-Chain connection of up to 8 Atoms in series, reducing your installation costs
  • High Mechanical Misalignment which allows for wider guarding positioning
  • Compact design for installation in discreet locations
  • Sealed to IP65 and IP67
  • TUV Safety Certification Approved
  • Atom can be easily rotated for installation in all different orientations with just two fixings on the interlock.
  • The Atom actuator can be combined with Fortress’ unique mounting kits for a variety of ergonomic access solutions.
  • Robust design results in a single device being required to achieve the highest safety performance levels.
  • Range of pre-wired connector options.
  • 3rd party approved for applications requiring high reliability.

The ncGard product range also hosts safety relays that can be integrated with amGardpro and tGard products.

Fortress Safety relays are independently certified to PLe and are suitable for use with emergency stop (E-Stop) buttons and/or any two normally open safety devices.


  • Prevents unauthorised access and unauthorised line shut down
  • Simple installation and integration to a network, using your existing ID cards
  • Easy management of access permissions



Designed for the harshest cleaning and wash down applications, Louis is the world’s first 3-A approved hygienic interlock.

It has an open, stainless-steel and easy-to-clean design with an 8,000N retention force to prevent unsafe access. Its FDA-approved PBT rubber seals and no metal-on-metal contact guarantee maximum protection against water and foreign body ingress during clean-in-place procedures.

All products within the Louis range are designed with the highest level of ingress protection IP69 and third party tested and approved.

  • Suitable for applications up to SIL3, Cat.4 PLe
  • Non-solenoid and solenoid solutions available
  • High-coded RFID actuator with over 4 x109 unique codes
  • Optional safety on guard and safety on guard locking
  • IP67 & IP69
  • High actuator retention force of 8,000N
  • Mounting options available to maximise access to clean product
  • 24V control
  • Stainless steel 316
  • Food & beverage manufacturing
  • Wood, paper & pulp processing
Fortress Louis

Technical Specifications

  • Hygienic guard lock with third party 3-A approval for use in sanitary and food-safe applications
  • High-coded actuator uniquely paired within the device
  • A range of pre-wired solutions for monitoring entry and enforcing run down times
  • Robust design



The Osbourn range provides peace of mind and proactive protection from unexpected start-up and is designed to be easily retrofitted or added onto a light curtain.

It adds safety key functionality to perimeter safeguards, protecting operators from being trapped inside the protected area and from unexpected restart of the machine. 

The Osbourn solutions are designed to be retrofitted on to systems with interlocks or light curtains without having to be wired or reprogrammed.

Compatible with a wide range of light curtains and any interlocks on sliding or hinged doors, the Osbourn devices have integrated mounting plates for simple mounting.


  • Warehouse automation
  • Metals production
  • Wood, paper & pulp processing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Construction materials
  • Work with interlocks or light curtains to proactively prevent unexpected start-up
  • Cost-efficient way to protect operators working in whole body access applications
  • Integrated mounting plate makes installation simple and efficient
  • Padlock points to give exclusive control to additional people entering the area
  • Safety key must be removed before door can be opened, reducing human error in forgetting the process
Technical specification
  • Stainless steel construction for diverse indoor and outdoor environments
  • Tested with a mechanical life of 1,000,000 operations
  • Suitable for a variety of door and light curtain types with custom options available
  • Key codes are customisable and recorded to avoid on-site duplication



The Fortress Safety Alfred range includes robust, heavy duty interlocking devices that provide safe access and control for a variety of machinery in hazardous locations and explosive atmospheres.

Designed and certified to be used in explosive atmosphere and hazardous locations, the range has ATEX and IECEx certificates.

 The range includes:

  • Solenoid interlocks and switch interlocks suitable for up to Zone 1 (gas) and Zone 21 (dust), and atmosphere ignition temperatures of above 85°C
  • Non-electric trapped key interlocks for any explosive atmosphere or hazardous location


An Alfred interlock can be configured from a selection of actuator modules (including an escape release possible in conjunction with the ex-switch module), head modules and can include up to three key adaptors, which can be mounted above an ex-rated switch module or an ex-rated solenoid module.


  • Food & beverage manufacture
  • Wood, paper & pulp processing
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical
  • Any industry with a by-product of combustible dust or flammable gas

The Alfred range is made of tough stainless-steel enclosures with a head retention of 10,000N. 

With an additional IP69 certificate, the sealing protection makes Alfred ideal for any harsh, dusty environment and heavy duty or regular wash-down application.

  • 3rd Party Approved (ATEX, IECEx, HazLoc certificates and IP69)
  • Certified for use in zone 1 (gas) and zone 21 (dust), allowing the interlocks to be close to the machine
  • Robust design – a single device is needed to achieve the highest safety performance levels
  • Configurable – functionality can be specified to the each application’s requirements
Technical specification
  • Suitable for zone 1 /  zone 21 and division 2
  • Maximum surface temperature T6 / 85°C
  • Ambient temperature rate
  • Suitable for applications up to SIL3 Cat.4 PLe
  • Non-solenoid and solenoid interlock options
  • 24V
  • High actuator retention forces of 10,000N
  • IP67 & IP69
  • Escape release modules can be added to configurations
  • Wide range of actuators for all door types and ergonomic options
  • 316 stainless steel construction

For more information about any of these machine safety and automation solutions, email or call 1300 TEKSAL.