To help you to assess your workplace First Aid needs and comply with workplace legislation, Teksal Safety provides market-leading solutions for workplaces, project sites and vehicle fleets.

This includes products for offices, warehouses, building sites, mine sites, work vehicles and your First Aid room.

Our products include National Workplace Code of Conduct-approved First Aid kits, vehicle First Aid kits, travel First Aid kits, snake bite and insect sting packs, remote area First Aid kits, mine site First Aid kits, food and beverage manufacturing First Aid kits, electrical trades First Aid kits, 4WD First Aid kits, general purpose First Aid kits and high risk survival First Aid kits.

We supply wall-mounted and portable First Aid kits and refills.

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first aid products

  • Compliant with national workplace Code of Practice
  • National workplace First Aid kits
  • Treatment packs
  • Work vehicle kits
  • Specialty application kits
  • High risk solutions
  • Eye wash solutions