Automation Safety Solutions: how safety sensors improve worker safety

While human error is always a possibility when operating dangerous machinery it is imperative to ensure the safety of workers by installing adequate safety systems.

One way to ensure worker safety is machine guarding. However, machine guarding alone isn’t enough to ensure safe working practices, as there is nothing to prevent workers from using designated access points to gain entry into live machinery. It is usually necessary to include safety interlocking to provide a complete machine safety solution.

Safety sensors for industrial use

Compliant with international standards and tested by certification bodies, Pilz’ sensor technology portfolio includes safety switches for monitoring positions and guards.


As a Western Australian distributor for Pilz, we supply Pliz sensors that:

  • Suit a wide range of applications
  • Embody diverse technologies – eg mechanical, magnetic, RFID, optical or camera-based
  • Offer high availability and productivity with maximum safety
  • Focus on performance, robustness and simple operation
  • Save time and costs during project design and commissioning
  • Comply with international standards and certifications
  • Are compatible with products and interfaces from other manufacturers
  • Provide a complete solution – sensor technology, control technology, drive technology and visualisation


Pilz safety relays minimise risk to people and machines. To reliably monitor functional safety, electrical safety or safe line inspection, Pilz safety relays offer:

  • Optimum cost/performance ratio
  • High availability of products
  • Certified safety


Save time and costs in all engineering phases with Pilz configurable small controllers:

  • Worldwide safety standard for various automation environments and communication systems – cost-effective and long-lasting
  • Simple wiring means short commissioning times
  • Easy modifications in the configuration thanks to pre-configured, certified software blocks
  • Simple, comprehensive diagnostics mean minimal machine downtimes and high plant availability
  • Only one system from planning to maintenance – expansions or modified functions possible at any time
  • Maximum safety – depending on the wiring, safety categories up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL CL 3 of EN IEC 62061
  • Potential for rationalisation because safety components cover automation tasks


Cost-effective, reliable, safe and one-source solutions for your automation task, Pilz controllers allow you to implement safety and automation applications of any size, easily and flexibly – for machines with an elementary function range, machines with multiple axes, interlinked plant and machinery.

  • Programmable and configurable for safety and automation
  • Simple software solutions for intuitive programming of your application
  • Solutions for decentralised applications directly in the field
  • Can be used as a remote I/O system, as a stand-alone controller or as part of a networked system
  • Ready-to-install systems with fully compatible solutions
  • Compliant with relevant standards


To make your network both clear and powerful, we supply Pilz’ optimally adapted system components for:

  • Safe fieldbus systems
  • Ethernet systems
  • Device diagnostics systems


We supply Pilz sensor, control and drive technology products that provide:

  • Safety for your workforce and machines due to short reaction times
  • Diagnostics and visualisation of your processes – keeps you informed at any time
  • Higher productivity due to shorter plant downtimes
  • Robust devices for applications in the industrial environment
  • Efficient project planning due to coordinated and pre-configured solutions

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