Crowcon Gas-Pro upgrades enhance safety and makes them ideal for gold processing sites

To enhance safety for workers in hazardous areas, our manufacturing partner, Crowcon, has just launched new functionalities for its Gas-Pro portable detectors, making them ideal for gold processing applications.

The upgrades include:

  • A new gas sensor for hydrogen cyanide (HCN) (0–30 ppm with resolution of 0.1 ppm) – ideal for people working with electroplating, nitrile production and ship fumigation, and in chemical plants and gold mining.
  • TWA Resume function, which retains TWA logs even when the device is switched off (eg during breaks or meals) – ensuring workers are never over-exposed to harmful gas.
  • In-field pellistor changes for methane, hydrogen, propane, ethane, acetylene (0–100% LEL, with resolution of 1% LEL) – providing the flexibility to conveniently test for a range of flammable gases, without needing multiple sensors or detectors.

Crowcon Product Manager Ed Clapham said, “We’ve always been proud of the Gas-Pro range because it offers a one-stop solution for a wide range of oxygen, flammable and toxic gas hazards, and the new features make it even better.

“The TWA Resume function, which was originally only found in our T4 model, makes a great contribution to workplace safety that simply isn’t found in many other detectors. And while hydrogen cyanide is not a well-known gas, it is exceptionally toxic, so the new sensor will be vital in many settings.”

About the Gas-Pro Series

Offering detection of up to five gases in a compact and robust solution, Gas-Pro has an easy-to-read top mount display combining ease of use and user focused features.

An optional internal pump, activated with the flow plate, takes the pain out of pre-entry testing and allows Gas-Pro to be worn either in pumped or diffusion modes.

User Friendly

  • Top mount display – easy to read at a glance
  • Simple, single-button operation – minimises training time
  • Intuitive functionality – can be used while wearing gloves


  • Monitor five gases from many different options – offers multiple uses within one compact detector
  • Pumped and diffusion solutions
  • Multiple languages
  • Automatic fail-safe flow plate recognition – takes away the pain of pre-entry testing
  • Specific and unique Pre-Entry Check (PEC) mode


  • Reliable lithium-ion battery – provides over 14 hrs use from a 7.5 hr charge
  • Water and dust resistant to IP65 and IP67 – capable of withstanding harsh environments
  • Bump and calibration reminders – full compliance

Webinar about the upgrades

To learn more about the upgrades and how they enhance safety for workers in hazardous areas, Crowcon is hosting a webinar on Wednesday 5 August. Register here.

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