FREE WEBINAR: Want to learn more about trapped key interlocking?

Join us this Monday 27 April at 3.30pm AET for a free webinar, “Trapped Key Interlocking – Smarter Than You Think… Who Knew?“, presented by our global manufacturing partner, FORTRESS.

Trapped key interlocking technology has been around for 130 years, and is sometimes overlooked when it comes to new developments of safety interlocking systems. In this webinar, Malcolm Sharp explains why we should not be so quick to forget this versatile technology.

Teksal Safety is the Western Australian and South Australian distributor for Fortress trapped key interlocking products, including.

  • Safe machine isolation and access control
  • Safety gate switches and interlocks
  • Safe sequential operation of equipment
  • Mechanically safeguard dangerous machines and hazardous processes
  • Customised and modular solutions

For more information about any of these products, call our office, email