Internal training and support at Teksal Safety

Scrabble letters spelling out LEARN

Teksal Safety is fortunate to have an organically diverse team – in terms of age, gender, experience, nationality, et cetera.

This diverse team and knowledge base provides opportunities for ongoing learning and support in-house.

One of our senior service technicians, Andrew Boys, supports our junior team members, including our part-time team member, Kobi.

Pictured (before social distancing measures), Andrew is supervising Kobi as he calibrates a Crowcon XGARD Gas Detector.

Teksal Safety is a distributor for Crowcon fixed and portable gas detection products in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Our gas detection products and services include:

  • Portable gas detection and area monitors
  • Personal monitors
  • Fixed gas detection systems
  • Single- and multi-channel controllers

For more information about any of these products, email or visit our shop.