Keep your people and your workplace or site safe with Brady First Aid solutions

Following on from our electrical safety article, we thought it was time to talk workplace / site assessments.

Is your workplace or site safe?

To help keep your workers, customers and visitors safe, conduct this safety checklist:

  • Do you have a comprehensive suite of electrical safety solutions?
  • Are your First Aid kits easily accessible?
  • Are your First Aid kits compliant?
  • Do you have a CPR strategy?
Are your First Aid products compliant and accessible?

To help you to assess your workplace First Aid needs and comply with workplace legislation, we offer market-leading solutions for workplaces, project sites and vehicle fleets.We supply both wall-mounted and portable First Aid kits and refills, including:

  • National Workplace Code of Conduct-approved First Aid kits
  • General purpose First Aid kits
  • Electrical trades First Aid kits
  • Vehicle First Aid kits & Travel First Aid kits
  • Remote area First Aid kits
  • Mine site First Aid kits

Electrical Trades First Aid Kit

The Electrical Trades First Aid Kit has been made in accordance to the NSW Guide to Electrical Workers’ Safety Equipment (Trade & Investment Department), and is designed to meet the needs of the tradespeople and their teams. Its robust design soft case is ideal for keeping on-board your work vehicle or for carrying to an emergency situation.

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Recommended for live electrical work sitesDesigned for the safe rescue of personnel working in low voltage switchboards and electrical installations, the Brady LV Rescue Kit:

  • Complies with Australian Standard 4836 for safe working on or near low voltage electrical installations
  • Is durable and easy-to-use carry bag design
  • Provides great value – includes additional First Aid products


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Help save lives
Do you have a suite of reliable CPR solutions? Designed for the safe rescue of people working in low voltage switchboards and electrical installations, the Beaty is a real-time CPR feedback device that provides audio feedback about your compressions.

  • Portable – pocket-sized with a sturdy loop
  • Smart, simple and affordable
  • Easy to use with no buttons or displays – apply to the patient’s chest and start compressing

For more information about any of our First Aid products and solutions, email or visit our online store.

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