Machine and automation solution: perimeter guarding

Machine guarding

Let’s talk about machine and automation solutions: specifically, perimeter guarding.

Protecting your people, your plant and your operation is vital for all businesses, particularly those that operate in hazardous, industrial settings. Therefore, so is minimising risk.

If you need to cordon off dangerous areas and/or machines, it’s likely you’ll need quality perimeter guarding.

So what is perimeter guarding?

As its name suggests, perimeter guarding (or safety fencing) is a barrier that prevents employees and/or visitors from accessing or getting near industrial machines or equipment and the hazards they present.

Benefits of perimeter guarding

  • Protect your people – perimeter guarding around machines can reduce the risk of injury to employees and/or visitors as they prevent contact with machinery hazards
  • Protect your machinery or equipment – perimeter guarding around hazardous area machines or equipment helps protect them as it prevents damage by tampering or accident
  • Protect your plant – perimeter guarding can minimise accidents or damage caused by machine malfunctions and protect the broader facility or plant
  • Protect your operation – protecting your machines or equipment and/or your people and/visitors means protecting productivity
  • Meet safety requirements/legislation – such as compliance to Machine Safety Codes of Practice and AS4024

How can we help?

We can help you create and maintain a safer workplace for your employees and/or visitors, which in turn, supports productivity and a reliable, operating plant.

Teksal Safety offers high-quality ZONE Safety Systems’ industrial safety and perimeter guarding solutions guarding to help protect your people, your machines and equipment, and your plant.

Why ZONE Safety Systems?

  • Modular
  • Rapidly deployable
  • Reconfigurable
  • Standard components
  • Easy to install
  • Integration with approved safety switches, sensors and interlocks for a comprehensive and safe machine guarding solution

Easy to specify

  • Standardised dimensions enable easy election of components. In most applications the same panels can be used for fixed fences and doors, providing identical clearances, which allow changes to be made to the configuration during installation.
  • Wall lengths are calculated by adding the panel widths plus 100mm per post. Accessories are added to standard panels to convert them to access doors.

Quick to install

  • Posts and brackets are designed to come together without having to drill or tap. You simply slide the brackets in the post profile then lock off in position. This method allows everything from interlock switches to sliding door tracks to be fitted easily.
  • Panels can freely rotate on the panel brackets to allow angled configurations and flexibility during installation. The profile posts allow complete adjustment for uneven flooring.


  • As production requirements change, modifications and reconfiguration of the safety guarding is often required. The patented ‘T’ slot design of these posts makes this process quick and easy by enabling the interchange and reconfiguration of any panel, access point or attached component.


  • The modular approach to guarding design allows the guarding to be reused and redeployed by enabling alterations to be easily managed.
  • We can also supply a range of accessories, including electrical and trapped key interlocks, light curtains and grids, safety relays and controllers, safety mats, warning beacons and sirens.

Perimeter Guarding Plus Safety Signage

Used in conjunction with perimeter guarding, safety signs can support a safe, user friendly, compliant workplace by helping employees or visitors identify dangerous areas or machines.

Teksal Safety is a Platinum Printing Partner (PPP) and Lockout Solutions Partner (LSP) for Brady lockout-tagout and tag printing systems.

Our isolation and safe work controls products and services include:

  • Lockout-tagout supplies
  • Lockout & isolation devices
  • Safety signage
  • Danger / caution tags
  • Barrier tapes
  • Scafftag equipment status solutions

So there you have it – a complete machine and automation solution.

For more information about any of these products, email or visit our online store.