Operating manual valves in inaccessible and hazardous locations – the case for remote valve operators

Given the nature of the industries in which they are employed, valves are often located in remote, hazardous or inaccessible areas, yet still require operators to easily open or close them.

However, unavoidable constraints on accessibility mean operators may not be able to ensure valves in critical service are properly open or closed.

The solution

Remote valve operating systems, such as the SOFIS FlexiDrive, provide a common-sense approach to accessing these valves, ensuring operators can work from a safe distance while valves are actuated efficiently. These systems can pass through walls and floors to operate valves via a linear drive cable with distances up to 30 metres, accommodating up to 540 degrees of bends. This allows operators to stay in safe designated areas to operate valves.

Even with non-critical valves, permanent accessibility is ideal. Operators may be required to operate hard-to-reach valves or faced with restricted access conditions due to other process equipment and pipes, which can, in turn, make the valve hard to operate.

To overcome such issues, dangerous or inaccessible valves can be operated by using a remote valve operator – a cost-effective safety tool for companies to remotely control valve operations from a safe distance.

A remote valve operating system allows the user to locate a point of operation at a safe vantage point, in a safe area, or in a better, ergonomic position, discouraging potentially unsafe behaviour like climbing on valves to gain access.

This solution removes problems associated with confined entry points and can be submerged in flooded pits. It overcomes obstructions to access and can increase operator safety with valves in potentially hazardous areas.

The SOFIS FlexiDrive can also negate the need for costly scaffolding and Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs)

By taking simple steps to integrate safety into valve operating systems, your workers are protected.

Teksal Safety delivers process and pressure safety solutions for diverse applications in the oil & gas, mining and industrial sectors.

Our process and pressure safety products and services include:

  • Valve interlocking for Safe sequence control of valves
    • Smith Flow Interlocks
    • Netherlock Interlocks
  • Valve operation
    • FlexiDrive – Remote Valve Operating System
    • EasiDrive and Power Wrench drives for hard to turn / High cycle manual valves.
  • Pressure Safety
    • Elfab Rupture Discs
    • Oseco Rupture Discs
  • Gas Detection
    • Crowcon Fixed and Portable Systems
  • Asset Identification
    • Brady Printing solutions
    • Brady Lock Out Tag Out Solutions

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