OsecoElfab products, services and processes safeguard people, animals and the environment,
and protect plants, assets and equipment.

Teksal Safety supplies OsecoElfab’s range of high-performance rupture / bursting discs for
diverse applications in the oil & gas, mining and industrial sectors.


Rupture / bursting discs are non-re-closing vents designed to open when exposed to a set pressure differential; they protect processes and equipment from vacuum or over-pressurisation.

Manufactured from standard materials, including stainless steel, Hastelloy and nickel, and non-standard materials such as tantalum, Monel and Inconelare, they are used in the pharmaceutical, pressure safety, chemical processing, oil and gas, and food and beverage industries, and with original equipment manufacturing (OEM).

Developed using the latest technology and design, process and manufacturing capability, OsecoElfab rupture / bursting discs offer:

  • High operational performance
  • Excellent leak tightness
  • Non-fragmenting designs
  • Fast lead-times
  • Two milliseconds reaction time to relieve pressure build-up
  • Cost-effective, maintenance-free designs
  • Electron-beam welding capability for the lowest leakage rate available
  • Flexible supply systems

They include:

  • Reverse-acting
  • Forward-acting
  • Two-way
  • Sanitary
  • Railcar
  • Graphite


Rupture / bursting discs are commonly used for include flare stacks, compressor units,
sulphur units, primary treatment units and heat exchangers, fire suppression equipment,
gas generators and canisters, separators and distillation columns.

OsecoElfab rupture discs / bursting discs range includes process discs, plugs
and pressure relief assemblies.

Offshore energy application

This short video illustrates how a bursting disc works in a flare stack.

If the pressure in the gas recovery system of a flare stack rises, the rupture disc will burst first,
re-establishing the path to the flare which is ignited to burn the waste gas.

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