Product focus: Enjoy complete control and up-to-date monitoring with Crowcon Gasmaster Controllers and XGard Bright

At the upcoming Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference (AOG) from 11-13 March at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Teksal Safety will be showcasing a range of process safety, operational safety and hazard identification products from our global manufacturing partners, including a demo of Crowcon’s Gasmaster controllers with XGard Bright.

Gasmaster controllers

User-friendly and easy to configure, Crowcon’s addressable controllers provide local, non-intrusive operation and display with simultaneous live reading display and alarm functions via colour LCD display.

They also have a ‘direct to web page’ live feed communication feature so you can view or action remotely.

There are three addressable controller options, each with identical functionality but different channel input capabilities:

  • GM16: 1-16 channel inputs
  • GM64: 1-64 channel inputs
  • GM128: 1-128 channel inputs

They are all available as 19” rack-mounted, with enclosure options available for GM16 & GM64.

They are all modular, so can be configured to requirements – which means you’ll only include what is needed for the application, reducing complexity and cost.

Their key features and functions include:

  • Main data screen – displays all active channel on same screen, cells indicate alarm status by colour
  • Bar graph screen – displays 16 channels at a time, side scroll bar for clear coloured indicator for focused channel alarm status
  • 24-hour trend screen – reviews 24-hour gas monitor trend for single channel at a time
  • 3-minute trend screen – reviews most recent 30-minute trend for single channel at a time
  • Zone screen – displays up to 8 active zones on single screen, individual channel within zone visibility


  • LCD display provides simultaneous visibility for all live channel readings and alarm functions in system setup (up to 64 input variables)
  • 4-20ma analog & RS-485 Modbus communications as standard, as well as HART compatible enabled communications
  • Direct to web page live feed communication for remote viewing and acknowledgement actions
  • Flexible configuration options allow ability to name controller, name zones, set alarm & relay setpoints
  • Ability to group channels into zoned areas

Xgard Bright

Providing ease of operation and reduced installation costs, Xgard Bright is a versatile platform offering flammable and toxic gas detection and oxygen monitoring.

It provides analogue 4-20mA and RS-485 Modbus signals and an alarm and fault relay as standard, as well as optional HART communications.

Lowering the cost of installation, the four-wire addressable implementation drastically reduces cabling requirements. The large OLED display allows users to easily work with Xgard Bright during install, calibration and routine maintenance without the need to open the housing.

For more information about these products and how they work together, or to see a demo, visit us at AGO at stand G34 or email

Teksal Safety is a distributor for Crowcon fixed and portable gas detection products in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Our gas detection products and services include:

  • Portable gas detection and area monitors
  • Personal monitors
  • Fixed gas detection systems
  • Single- and multi-channel controllers

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