Product focus: Get high performance, accuracy and real-time information with the SOFIS VPI position indicator

If you want accurate information about your manual valve status, to improve process performance and increase right-first-time procedures, the SOFIS VPI position indicator offers a quality solution.

The SOFIS VPI position indicator is a high-performance switch box for manual multiturn valves. It detects when valves have reached their open or closed position and sends a signal to your DCS. This valuable information about manual assets enriches your control system’s capabilities. It helps to further optimise your process performance, and prevents safety issues or product contamination caused by incorrect valve line-ups.

Providing high performance, accuracy and real-time information, the SOFIS VPI position indicator:

  • Can be easily mounted on any handwheel-operated valve
  • Works with wired or wireless position signals
  • Is suitable for almost any environment

Improve your process performance with real-time valve status information

Accurate position information of your manual valves helps you further optimise your processes. With position indicators on your manual valves you:

  • Have up-to-date valve status information in your control room
  • Ensure that many procedures go right the first time
  • Improve your process performance


The VPI can be applied in any plant. You can connect it to your control system in a number of ways, depending on your communication infrastructure:


  • Use your existing cable infrastructure

Industrial wireless

  • Connect the VPI to a wireless transmitter, irrespective of which protocol you use

Mobile internet

  • In remote locations, communicate online via a GPRS transmitter


The VPI is available in coated aluminium and in high performance AISI 316. Both models are universally applicable and extremely durable. The VPI can be installed in highly explosive atmospheres and is certified for use in zone 1 classified areas.

Intrinsically safe or flame proof

VPI A/S-series are Atex and IECEx certified as intrinsically safe. It is also available in a flame proof version. This version is equipped with an external, Ex d junction box. The Ex d version can be equiped with a range of sensors and switches.

Easy mounting and setting

The VPI position indicator is specifically designed to fit any type of gate, globe or rising stem valve. It is equipped with a universal mounting bracket, integrated terminal blocks and easily-accessible setting inlets.

  • Universal mounting
  • Quick connecting
  • Easy setting

Check out the SOFIS VPI position indicator in action in the video below:

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