Product focus: Improve efficiency and safety with the SOFIS Power Wrench

Man operating a SOFIS power wrench

If you work in the oil and gas, mining or industrial sector and you’re looking for ways to improve safety and efficiency, the SOFIS Power Wrench can help.

The SOFIS Power Wrench portable actuator reduces valve operating time by up to 80% and improves efficiency when operating manual valves.

Easy to install

As the Power Wrench is connected to the valve by a universal drive plate, you simply install the drive plate with u-bolts, connect the Power Wrench portable actuator to an air supply and you are ready to go.

This means you can put it to work in your plant within minutes and minimise the time spent on operating manual valves, which means you can work more efficiently during plant shutdowns and maintenance.

Its key features and functions include:

  • Operational safety – complete control over the applied force as well as various safety measures to protect you during operation
  • Control – the throttle enables a controlled build-up of torque and speed, and the safety lever and throttle valve enforce ‘2-hands operation’
  • Reduce injuries – minimise strain or injury from operating high-torque valves
  • Ex certified – ready for use in Zone 1 classified areas

Check out the video below:

Teksal Safety delivers process and pressure safety solutions for diverse applications in the oil & gas, mining and industrial sectors. Our process and pressure safety products and services include:

  • Valve interlocking– SOFIS Smith interlocks (formerly Smith Flow Control) and SOFIS Netherlocks interlocks
  • Safe sequence control of valves
  • Valve operation– flexible, remote valve operators:
    • FlexiDrive and portable valve actuators
    • EasiDrive and Power Wrench
  • Valve indication– detects and signals when valves have reached their open or closed position to help optimise your processes
  • Interlock installation & commissioning
  • Site survey, maintenance and training

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