Product focus: Improve your operational efficiency and safety compliance with Crowcon Portable Data Solution

The Crowcon portable data connectivity solution allows customers with portable fleets to improve their operational efficiency and safety compliance by delivering actionable insight.

And, it has low implementation costs and integrates with existing processes.

Asset Management

Regardless of your fleet size, keeping track of how many devices you have, where they are, which ones need bump testing or calibrating, and when, is difficult, labour-intensive, usually includes manual processes and often leads to downtime incidents or other inefficiencies such as the need to hold a large amount of stock.

Crowcon’s Portable Data Solution resolves these problems, improves efficiency and reduces downtime, ultimately saving you time and money.

It does this by collating all fleet information in one place with a hierarchical structure and the ability to drill down to division, team and user level. Bump and calibration statuses and due dates can be logged per device and reports run as required.

Improved Health and Safety compliance

Health and safety officers have to track and are audited on numerous gas exposure related metrics. Understanding which person is using the gas detector at which time and tracking the associated gas exposure data over a prolonged period is extremely difficult.

It is especially challenging in on-site scenarios were a pool of gas detectors are shared and booked in and out to different employees each day.

To ensure the health and safety team has all the data they need to meet compliance or defend any legal challenge, the Crowcon Portable Data Solution improves health and safety compliance by making it simple to align a user to a device and the data therein, whether for long-term remote workers or a single shift for workers using a shared instrument fleet.

Actionable Insight

It is often difficult for customers with mid- or large-sized fleets to know if the devices are being used correctly and if alarms are being reported – not silenced by users and left unreported, and alarm near misses not captured.

The Crowcon Portable Data Solution provides the factual insight needed to fix on-site problems before they escalate, and highlights staff training issues to ensure their gas detector investment is maximised.

This product offers drill-down, filterable reporting on all aspects of device usage, including alarm logs, near-miss logs and device turn-on logs.

Flexible, Low Implementation Cost and Seamless Integration

The Crowcon Portable Data Solution uses existing hardware and is backwardly compatible with Crowcon’s gas detector models, providing low upfront implementation cost.

The range offers various implementation options for on-site, off-site or hybrid fleets, each tailored to your requirements, which means you won’t have to change your existing processes.

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