One to Four Channel Control System

Gasmaster is a compact, versatile and powerful gas detection control panel that combines simple operation with an extensive array of input and output functions.

Gasmaster provides all the information you need about your gas and fire detectors at a glance. The large multi-lingual display shows gas levels from all detectors simultaneously and enables system adjustment and testing using buttons on the front panel. Gasmaster can operate ‘stand-alone’ or interface with any alarm devices and control systems using a selection of outputs.


Multiple Detector Control Panel

Vortex is a flexible control package that can be customised to meet site requirements, however complex, without the need for extensive cabling. 

It is available in four formats: wall-mounted, 19″ rack-mounted, panel-mounted or Exd Flameproof (Vortex FP).

The Vortex Rack & Panel comprise the essential input, output and controller modules mounted on a DIN rail. An optional display module is available in the panel-mounting and 19″ rack formats. This configuration is ideal for various specialist enclosures, such as 19″ format or those with high ingress protection. Other standard features include RS-485 Modbus communications for remote non-intrusive calibration and configuration.