Detectors for Oxygen, Flammable and Toxic Gases

Xgard is a comprehensive range of fixed point gas detectors that meet the diverse requirements for gas detection in industries throughout the world.  Intrinsically safe (IS) of flameproof (ex d) versions are available for a wide range of applications.



Toxic and oxygen gas detector with display

TXgard-IS+ is an Intrinsically Safe (IS) toxic and oxygen gas detector with local LCD display. A range of sensors is available to address diverse applications.

TXgard-IS+ is ATEX-certified for use in Zones 0, 1 or 2 hazardous areas and also UL- and cUL-certified for use in Division 1 or 2 hazardous areas.

TXgard Plus

Flameproof toxic and oxygen gas detector with display

TXgard Plus is a flameproof (Ex d)-, ATEX- and UL-certified toxic or oxygen gas detector with local LCD display.

A choice of sensors are available to use in a range of applications, including water treatment, oil and gas exploration, chemical plants and steel production.

Flamgard Plus

Flammable gas detector with display

lamgard Plus is a Flameproof (Exd) flammable gas detector which uses poison-resistant pellistors to detect explosive levels of hydrocarbons, hydrogen and other flammable gases and vapours, including aviation fuel and leaded petrol vapours.


IRmax is an ultra-compact infra-red (IR) gas detector

IRmax is an ultra-compact infrared (IR) gas detector that delivers rapid, fail-safe detection of hydrocarbon gases and vapours. The IRmax gas detection system offers the choice of a detector only, a local gas/status display, a remote gas/status display or non-intrusive calibration via an IS calibration tool or hand-held HART communicator.

The reliability of IRmax has been proven in hot, cold, wet and saline environments, making it ideal for offshore projects.

IRmax’s unique STAY-CLIR optical components are treated with a highly durable coating that prevents faults due to condensation. As IRmax does not contain components for artificially heating optical surfaces, power consumption is dramatically reduced to only 1W of power.