Reduce risk & minimise downtime with TrueLEL™ detection for multi-flammable gas environments and hydrogen applications using MPS™ sensor technology

In collaboration with our manufacturing partner, Crowcon Detection Instruments, Teksal Safety featured in the APPEA Conference and Exhibition edition of the AustralAsia Resources News: Oil & Gas AustralAsia in the editorial, “Reduce risk & minimise downtime with TrueLEL™ detection for multi-flammable gas environments and hydrogen applications using MPS™ sensor technology”.

The editorial appeared in the online and hard copy edition.

We’ve reproduced it here:

Protecting your workers from the dangers of flammable gases is imperative, for their health and for the continuity of your operations.

Accurate measurement and reducing the time exposed to dangers by efficient and effective detection is one way of reducing potential risks.

Leading manufacturer of gas detection solutions, Crowcon, aims to protect people and the environment from gas hazards by developing single- and multi-gas monitors, enabling personal and larger scale monitoring.

Accurately detect more than 15 hazardous gases in one sensor for better safety & efficiency

Crowcon has introduced the first molecular property spectrometer™ (MPS™) flammable gas sensor for fixed and portable gas detectors.

Building on more than 50 years of gas expertise, Crowcon is pioneering advanced MPS™ sensor technology that detects and accurately identifies more than 15 flammable gases in one device.

What is MPS™ Sensor Technology?

Developed at the University of Nevada, MPS™ gas detection is the only gas detection technology able to detect multiple flammable gases, including hydrogen, simultaneously, very accurately and with a single sensor.

Designed for multi-gas environments such as waste energy, wastewater, green energy, bio-gas, petrochemical, oil and gas, and industrial manufacturing, and available for fixed and portable detectors, its benefits include:

  • No more poisoning
  • Less false alarms
  • Hydrogen ready
  • Reduce masked alarms
  • Zone 0 certified
  • Multi-gas protection
  • Eliminate operational disruption
  • Better hazard protection
  • Increased battery life
  • TrueLEL™ multi-gas accuracy
  • Zero calibration for 5 years

Sensor poisoning is solved

The MPS™ sensor has been designed for multi-gas environments, and resists contamination and prevents sensor poisoning.

TrueLEL™ multi-gas accuracy

The MPS™ sensor accurately detects and identifies more than 15 flammable gases automatically in real time without the need for calibration or a correctional factor. This guarantees accurate readings, with no false alarms or non-alarms due to real-time environmental compensation.

Zero calibration for 5 years

The MPS™ sensor technology does not require calibration or maintenance over its 5-year+ lifecycle, reducing the total cost of ownership. This means scheduled maintenance is no longer needed, minimising interruptions to your operations. The sensor self-monitors and automatically reports any problems with its operation, providing peace of mind and reduced costs.

Hydrogen ready

The use of Hydrogen in industrial processes is increasing as cleaner alternatives to natural gas usage are being sought in this sector.

Until now, detection of Hydrogen was restricted to pellistor sensor technology due to infrared sensors’ inability to detect Hydrogen, and susceptibility to poisoning. This can leave operator with costly, regular servicing and false alarm challenges.

The MPS™ sensor provides a far better solution for Hydrogen detection and removes the challenges faced with traditional sensor technology.

A long-life hydrogen sensor that does not require calibration throughout its life, and without the risk of poisoning or false alarms significantly reduces costs, and reduces interaction, which in turn minimises risk to operators.

Want to learn more? Crowcon has written a whitepaper that explores the capabilities of MPS™, and compare its performance with that of conventional sensor technologies to helping you choose the best flammable gas detector for your environment.

Read the whitepaper here:

Gas detectors help protect you, your people and process against a wide range of industrial gas hazards.

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