Risk reduction measures in the recycling industry – webinar

While incidents in the waste and recycling sector have been reducing, the average fatality per 100,000 employees is 18 times higher than industry overall.

Machinery used in recycling is often fast moving and uses high energy for shearing, crushing and compacting, with often dirty and dark environments.

Join us on Wednesday 20 April for a 30-minute webinar, Risk reduction measures in the recycling industry, presented by our global manufacturing partner, Fortress Safety.

Using real-life applications and discussing industry-specific standards and guidance for machinery safety, the webinar will cover:

  • C type standards and Bailer applications
  • Risk reduction measures that help keep employees safe

There will also be a Q&A and quiz.

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📆 Wednesday 20 April 2022
➡️ AUS

📆 Wednesday 20 April 2022
➡️ UK and EU

📆 Wednesday 20 April 2022
➡️ US and Canada

If you can’t make the webinar, you can register and receive the recording.

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