Staff spotlight: Andrew Boys, Safety Systems Technician

Andrew Boys (aka Boysie), one of our resident safety systems technicians, has been working with Teksal Safety for five years, in a diverse role in our Perth office and on site – on and offshore.

Working both on and off the tools, from his 20-year career as a heavy-duty auto electrician to his role with Teksal Safety, Andrew has gone from being “covered in oil, grease and red dirt” to enjoying less dirt in his office-based role!

An amiable people-person, Andrew is usually found performing technical field services onshore and offshore, delivering product training for clients and customer relations and sales services.

While it’s been a transition from a trade to sales, and from being the customer to the seller, Andrew’s experience on both sides of customer relations and excellent planning organisational skills enable him to deliver exceptional technical service and sales advice to our customers.

Andrew loves working in a team and with customers who recognise the value in the niche products we sell and support.

“We have a great team at Teksal and selling such niche products is easy when you’re supported by everyone in your team.”


Nickname:  Boysie

In three words: industrious, focused, dependable.

When you think safety, you think… Something I always tell my kids when they leave the house: “Please take five”. Take five seconds or five minutes when making a choice. No matter what you’re doing throughout the day and night.

When you’re not at work, we’ll find you… getting out and about, walking my dog, watching football and netball with my kids.