Teksal Safety and Dropsafe featured in The Australian Mining Review

In partnership with our global manufacturing partner, Dropsafe, Teksal Safety is featured in the latest edition of the Australian Mining Review in the technical article, Don’t drop the ball on safety.

Thank you to Mike Rice and Joe Partington from Dropsafe for collaborating on this, and the AMR for the great article.

You can read it in full here, or download it here.

In partnership with Dropsafe, Teksal Safety provides dropped object prevention solutions, including:

  • Dropsafe Barrier – Barrier system for guardrailing and stairways for permanent and temporary installations
  • Dropsafe Nets – Safety nets that enclose and tether overhead fixtures
  • Dropsafe Pouches – Safety nets attached to the user, which securely enclose and tether handheld items used at height
  • Dropsafe Barricades – An access prevention system allowing good signage display and housekeeping measures
For more information about any of these products or services, email sales@teksal.com.au.