Teksal Safety conducts interlock installation and commission for Roy Hill port facility

Roy Hill engaged Teksal Safety to conduct interlock installation and commissioning services for its port facility in Port Hedland, Western Australia.

To ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, Teksal Safety’s Technical Sales Manager Steve Parks conducted survey, installation and maintenance of the  Fortress variable speed drive (VSD) interlocks on the substation electrical cabinets at the port.

About the project

Roy Hill’s purpose-built, world-class iron ore port facility at Port Hedland can receive, stockpile, screen and export up to 60Mtpa of iron ore as lump and fines.

Its stockyard can store more than 2.3 million tonnes, with ten 230,000 tonne live stockpiles and additional space as needed.

The operations are split into two separate circuits – inloading and outloading.

About Teksal Safety’s interlocking services

Teksal Safety’s technical services include valve survey, interlock supply, installation, commissioning and training.

Our technicians are HUET/TBOSIET- and MSIC-certified and are available for services both on and offshore.

As well as undertaking site work as needed, Teksal Safety technicians offer a program of site visits to:

  • Assess survey valve interlocking systems to confirm material condition and functionality of locks
  • Perform preventative maintenance and repair activities where possible
  • Document corrective actions where needed
  • Establish a planned maintenance and inspection program for the interlocks on your facility
  • Establish / maintain colour-coded key management for visual indication of valve and system status, consistent with original interlock specifications
  • Ensure key management systems are functional and adequate for current interlocks on site
  • Create an interlock register of all valve interlocks and codes on site
  • Conduct operator and maintenance training as required

For more information about any of these services, email sales@teksal.com.au.