Teksal Safety’s partnership with Crowcon Gas Detection and Instrumentation

Our manufacturing partner, Crowcon Gas Detection Instruments, recently featured us on their website after interviewing Teksal Safety Managing Director Joe Hischar.

Reproduced with permission, here it is:

Crowcon has been working with Australian-based industrial safety supplier Teksal Safety for more than 10 years, so we thought we’d share some of the ways it helps support our gas detection solutions.

Founded in 2002, Teksal Safety provides industrial safety solutions for process and pressure safety, machine and automation safety, and operations and maintenance safety applications in industrial, mining, and oil and gas sectors.

With offices and teams in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, Teksal Safety represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Crowcon.

Focused on providing industrial safety solutions that help protect plant, process and people, Teksal Safety sources and supplies a range of Crowcon’s portable and fixed gas detectors for diverse applications.

Teksal Safety works with safety professionals, engineers, plant operators, and maintenance personnel to deliver optimal solutions and minimise risk.

How gas detection solutions help protect people, plant and process

While oil and gas operators and teams working in environments with flammable and toxic gases are exposed to some level of risk, Teksal Safety strives to provide proven industrial safety solutions to help mitigate this risk, including Crowcon’s suite of gas detection products.

By focusing firstly on awareness of risk, then embedding best practice and innovative solutions, Teksal Safety helps industrial operators provide a safe work environment for their people, and safe ways of working, through its distribution and maintenance of Crowcon gas detection products.

As Teksal Safety managing director Joe Hischar says, “Our goal is to protect people, plant and process. Safety culture often emphasises administrative controls and things like PPE. While these play a key role within a wider HSE programme, we focus on engineered controls to mitigate risk at a high level. While we have solutions that tackle administrative issues that capture residual risk, our main aim is to mitigate the risks further up the chain.”

Working with Crowcon

Teksal Safety has been distributing Crowcon gas detection solutions and providing technical support services to its customers across Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland for more than 10 years.

Joe says, “Working on remote sites in Australia can be challenging. As its products are designed with safety in mind, Crowcon allows us to provide proven safety solutions and help protect our customers’ people, plant and process.”

For more information about any of these products, their applications or servicing, email sales@teksal.com.au.